• What's in the program?

    This program gives you all access to over 5000+ Essential Korean vocabulary, Vocabulary Games and Tests, over 100+ Essential Grammar Videos AND full access to our Structured Online Course Learning which has 3 levels and 17 different courses, Curated Quizzes on Common Mistakes, Level Tests and Certificate for each course completion!

  • How is the Free Preview and Free Trial different?

    Some lessons are opened up as Free Preview. No payment is required. When you purchase our program, you will a Free Trial for a limited period when you have full access of all the courses and lessons for the limited amount of time. Payment card detail is required but will only be charged after your Free Trial ends, you can stop your subscription anytime before your Free Trial ends and you will not be charged at all.

  • How can our online program help you learn Korean?

    We curated these lessons and materials base on our in-class teaching of thousands of students since 2010. We have modified these learning materials for online learning and is constantly working on improvement to make learning effective. Our goal is to make the online materials fun, interactive and engaging, just like our offline classes.

  • How many lessons are in our online program?

    We currently have 17 different courses ranging in 3 levels from Basic 1 to 5, Intermediate 1 to 6 and Upper Intermediate 1 to 6. We might update more contents in the future so look forward to that!

  • Can I cancel or get a refund on my subscription anytime?

    Sadly, we do not provide refunds after subscription has started, however you can always cancel your subscription anytime before the next renewal. Your subscription will still be usable until it’s expiry date.

  • Can I just sign up for one course?

    We are not currently providing subscription per course, as we know learning Korean is a journey, not a stop. And with our course materials, you would find it hard to stop learning after one. Try our subscription that has enough course materials for you to pick up Korean, you can get started on a 14 day free trial now!

  • Are there going to be more courses or online materials to be published?

    We are always churning out new content to help you learn Korean better, keep a lookout! Meanwhile, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we share Korean learning content & videos often!

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    We are sad to see you go, but hope we have aided you in our Korean learning journey! You may cancel your subscription by going to your account "Billing" tab and clicking cancel subscription.

  • Are there any trial periods?

    We know everyone has different learning habits and we are happy to offer trials to all new users! You can now try our program up to 14 days for completely FREE! No questions asked! And if you do not wish to take it up after your trial, you can always still view our Free Preview content.

  • How do I check my subscription and billing information?

    You can see them in the “Billing” tab under your account.

  • Why can’t I see the courses after signing up?

    We are sorry for the inconvenience, kindly email us at hello@hanokkoreanclass.com and we will fix it so you can go back on your learning journey!

  • Why is there only a few chapters for free preview?

    If you’re on our free preview enrollment, there is limited access to our materials. Our online program are specially curated and crafted to help you learn Korean, exclusive content that is definitely worth your buck, try our program on a 14 day free trial now!

  • How long does it take to finish all courses?

    It really depends on the student but if you follow through our course, we are confident you will be able to hold a basic conversation in Korean after completing our basic course. We recommend spending an hour practicing every day to get used to speaking, listening, reading and writing Korean.

  • How can I receive a certificate of completion after finishing a course?

    After completing a course (please make sure you have clicked the ‘Complete’ tab at the bottom), you can retrieve your certificates in the “Certificate” tab in your account.

  • What type of payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all VISA, Master & AMEX Credit or Debit cards.

  • Can i pay in other currencies other than USD $?

    Currently, our program is based in USD$.